Grant's Whiskey – IOU
Grant’s is the world’s 3rd-largest Scotch whisky brand, and in 2014 it planned to launch its biggest campaign to date. In many of the 180 countries in which Grant’s is drunk, it’s in clubs and bars, where a bottle is put on the table and shared amongst friends.

We therefore developed the IOU campaign, a celebration of what we all owe the friends who get us where we are. We wanted it to get the attention of the new generation of whisky drinkers, so it needed to stand out, it couldn’t be sentimental and it had to feel like it was from a brand that understood its audience.

The resulting online film has racked up over 5.5 million worldwide views (with the UK version getting over 1.2 million), and was Campaign’s ‘Pick of the week’.

The IOU campaign was also fed into all Grant’s communications, including their website and online ads that teased the content of the film. The IOU idea also gave Grant’s a way to talk and behave on Facebook, encouraging ‘IOU Toasts’ and engaging people in a way the brand never has before. /